Start with a 3 months FREE evaluation*

$ 0

(*) remains FREE for small non-profit organizations


Free plan features

- Intended for test groups of < 100 people
- Automatic group expiry in 2 weeks
- Management console

Starter Plan

$ 499 /3mo

max 10 simultaneous groups, max 200 users/group

Starter plan features

- Includes all free features
- Extended group lifetime (configurable)
- Dual-Category Matching (mentor/student, etc)
- User Analytics and Matching Reports

Standard Plan

$ 999 /3mo

max 50 simultaneous groups, max 1000 users/group

Standard plan features

- Includes all standard features
- Multi-Factor Matching (Interests + Roles + etc.)
- Mobile API and development support

High Volume Plan

$ (b+v*p)

base maintenance fee + volume based pricing

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Volume plan features

- Includes all standard features
- Unlimited size groups
- Customized WhiteLabel implementation.
- LMS integration for academic organizations
- Account-less functionality (upon request)
- Customer-requested features.
- b = f(users); v=f(matches)

Pricing philosophy
We provide this service to help anyone launch a successful career and happy life. However, we do have to cover our development and hosting costs, and as your utilization of the service increases, we have to pass some of the costs onto you. Also, we have some great ideas for new features -- and supporting that work comes down to more expenses.

We do not fund this service by selling or "leaking" your information to advertisers.
As you see we don't have ads, so we need to rely on payments directly from you, the entity sponsoring this service for your users.. If you can afford it, please try to pay us. If you have high resource utilization levels, we will definitely contact you for payment. If your utilization level decrease, after three months, we will notify you and automatically revert you to the appropriate plan.

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