Engage your Alumni Community

Sponsor tools for Partnership Discovery and Personal Success

Recapture Lost Members

Alumni Recapture
Set up Private Discovery Channels that Gives Everyone Opportunities to Become Successful.

Invest in Alumni Success

Alumni Invest
Match up People with Similar Interests and Contribute further Resources (Students, Professors, Funding).

Develop Potential Donors

Alumni Donate
Foster Everyone's Ideas, Careers and Ventures, thus Improving their Potential to Give.

Example Use Case: Your Organization's Sponsored Discovery Channels:

Alumni Channels
Set up your organization's discovery channel - and start re-engaging people with potential and interest in your community.
We help YOU manage multiple "Private Thematic Searches" (Think of them as private, customized and personalized Match.Com instances):
  • YOU identify opportunities, events and topics that alumni are passionate about
  • YOU set up private discovery/search channels (below) with the characteristics that fit best the needs of you audience (privacy/guidance/categories/etc)
  • YOU invite (with the generated search group link) the targeted alumni to describe their own interests, and to initiate the conversations when there are overlapping interests
  • YOU repeat this process several times, with multiple groups of people, to increase the quality collaborators you discover

A broad range of matching-based engagement solutions:

Your organization attracts and invests in their alumni by facilitating their access to its entire human capital.

Uniform Group Match

Dual-Sided Match

Individual Match

Customizable Instances

Community Analytics

Benefits and steps for effective use

Alumni, Advancement, Development, Enrollment, etc. Officers, start here:

Create your new Sponsored Search/Discovery Channel

for any group(s) in your organization

Alumni & Students,

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