How does Serendipify.Me differ from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers a great way for people to connect.

However, how people connect, and what those connection lead to, is a totally different story.

Serendipify.Me picks up where LinkedIn drops off

Criteria LinkedIn Serendipify.Me
Best For: Personal Promotion Finding Partnerships
What is the service? Public Resume Listing People Search
What does it deliver? My personal network of people Select connections based on my criteria
Utility of the delivered outcome Network acts as a safety net (for employment purposes) Identified connections should lead to direct collaborations and profitable partnerships
Additional Benefits Visibility, Social status, Channel for publishing Access to high significance people, A path for success
How does the service work? Public Listing
(via information sharing)
Private Matching
(via custom algorithms)
Attention and effort focused on: Myself
(it's a beauty contest)
(where can I add value?)
Major functionality: Personal Page, Publishing, Search via predetermined parameters, Groups determined by special interests Customizable Matching Instances, Search via open-ended criteria, Groups defined for matching scope and algorithmic style
Major applications: Job Search / Recruiting Entrepreneurial Partnerships

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