Serendipify.Me is growing - join us to be part of a real startup experience.
Business Development Intern/Associate/Partner

Why Serendipity ?
Because each of us can benefit immensely from discovering another great friend/partner/connection. Unless the right people happen to be at the same place, at the same time, and discussing the same topics, it is very likely that they will miss out on lots of opportunities to achieve something great.

We are not just a YAMS (Yet Another Matching Service), we approach the problem of personal interaction needs from a scientific angle: our technology is built on economics foundations, and it will deliver the most valuable connection for our users by helping them define and search for the right fit by aligning their interests with the interests of those invited to the same search groups.

Yes, we are very different from LinkedIn, we are a complementary service. See the Blog for a longer discussion.

WIIFM ? (What's in it for me)
Here's what you get:
  • the opportunity to make a huge impact - the bigger, the better
  • the opportunity to define marketing and sales strategies,
  • the freedom to experiment and execute on the strategies we identify
  • a learning experience from a very strong entrepreneurial team
  • the right to brag that you are an entrepreneur as well :)
  • endless flexibility
  • a serious dose of fun
  • Normally this is an unpaid internship. However, you will get paid if you land us a contract (on commission).
    Also, depending on the impact of your contribution and on your future interests, we would love to have you as an equity partner.
Here are our selection criteria:
  • Passion and creativity for business development
  • ideas and execution capabilities
  • marketing strategy (the grassroots kind, not the digital advertising kind).
  • a self starter with the ability to work unsupervised.
  • an experimenter
  • someone who can speak from experience to our prospective customers: we are targeting academic institutions, especially their students and alumni offices, to get them to endorse our service amongst their constituents.
Here are our expectations:
  • we expect that you can connect with, build relationships, and sign up universities' alumni and student offices to endorse and use the Serendipify.Me service - (this is the execution of the sales strategy). It helps a lot if you have connections in universities' administration offices.
  • you will propose and deliver on other closely related targets (professional groups, enthusiast associations, etc) - (this is the general marketing strategy).
  • you will learn a lot, especially things that will help your career and personal development - (this is the fun part).

In the end you get out of this what you put in. The possibilities are endless. The most important thing is that the journey is fun (and profitable).

Email to careers@Serendipify.Me a COVER LETTER, NOT a RESUME, and tell us who you are (experiences), why you are a good fit (interests), and what do you expect to achieve in the Serendipify.Me team.

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